Joshua Wentz

Original composition, recording, and performance for stage and screen.

Joshua Wentz is a multi-instrumentalist composer and performer living in Chicago. Driven by a love for all musical genres and styles, he enjoys developing new and interesting collaborative projects and improvisational performance techniques with local and remote artists.

Joshua began writing and recording music in 1996. His first album was a speculative soundtrack to C.S. Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy novels, a tale that the author tells here. Since that time he has released 21 EPs and 9 full albums, both solo and collaborative. His most recent solo release, a 7" vinyl record called Look Back/Look Forward is available on Sidedown Audio.

Currently Joshua is creating new music with vocalist Kristin Johnston as Brash Flair, producing records with Steve O'Connell of Silvergirl, and performing around Chicago with the four-piece outfit Deadbeat. Otherwise he's working on solo releases, remixes, and anything else he can get his hands on.

Past projects include playing keyboards and miscellaneous gizmos in the retro-electro rock band Absinthe & The Dirty Floors as well as collaborating with vocalist/songwriter Brandi Pierce as Colla and yoga instructor Amy Cronk on the live ambient dub project called Yoga312.